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Monday, June 20, 2011

Doing what feels good.

OMG I love Father’s Day. It’s so nice when a day comes along where you’re alone with a partner for hours and hours and you’re pretty sure all the phones are off and no one will be coming to the front door. It’s his favorite kind of day so that’s what he gets. The details aren’t important but my point is that it’s so tempting to be convinced that we should show up for this and go see that. I have a habit of waiting for those long days in my neighborhood when everyone is off the block doing all the “I gotta’s and should’s” then I take advantage of the open windows, birds chirping and sunsets outside our windows. After a few minutes of, “don’t I belong somewhere?” the magic starts. This past Sunday, besides sleeping very late we went back to ‘nap’ but not before some delicate noise with a special belt. (Sigh….) For those of us who just don’t like playing erotically in public those long lazy days are wonderful. We play, we sleep, we laugh. Eventually we get to dinner and gifts but that’s so anti climatic.

We have a new hammock this summer. I pretty much thought that this big red thing in the middle of the back yard was a safe place to be innocent. What was I thinking? When it gets dark and the bug devices are working I’m amazed at all the ways you can be violated in the dark under your neighbor’s windows.

Anybody who has a serious Mon-Fri knows how fun it is to share a silly laugh over nothing with a partner. It’s like stealing candy under the grownups noses just to see if we’ll get caught. At our age if we get caught somebody might call the police but that’s part of the sport when you’re being naughty with your best friend.