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Monday, May 7, 2012

“RED”/No/Stop on Hitler

I run the Spanking Club of New York (SCONY), which has been doing its small part for spanking enjoyment since 1997. Between 2005-2008 my husband and I traveled a great deal in California and attended several parties where the spanking community got along, shared friends and attended each other’s parties in peace. This is not the situation in NYC and many of us wish that there would be an end to an ongoing hate fest being energized by SSNY, which began in 2008. It's a dead issue. The main reason I’m writing is to apologize for any unpleasant gossip or rumors that makes anyone in the community look uncivilized or unwelcoming. This past April at SSNY’s Atlantic City party there was a video using Hitler as a rejected SSNY guest. Mike S. made an appearance telling Hitler that they don’t let assholes attend. Hitler’s henchmen told him “but SCONY has welcomed you with open arms”. At the end Hitler’s response was, ‘F### SCONY”. The video was offensive on so many levels. It was meant to entertain but people who don’t find Hitler jokes, German history or war references funny believe SSNY went beyond what is mature or helpful to people who just want to live out their spanking fantasies, be respected and have a good time. I don’t understand why this group went out of their way to offend SCONY members who were sitting right there and who had paid good money to attend. Also, no one is taking responsibility for the video being shown. All party groups, on some level, absorb the objectives of the group creator. Anyone who knew the contents of the video and didn’t get up and turn it off is responsible. Depending on what you like there are several spanking groups in NYC so it’s time for the anger to stop. SCONY does not hinder any other group anywhere. In fact, we contribute to the membership of all the groups around the country. We have intimate monthly parties and do not sell any products other than occasional souvenirs. Twice a year we have a weekend party but the resort is fairly small compared to the large hotels used by the vendors and video people. Most of our membership keeps a very low profile outside the traveling spanking circuit and Fetlife culture. The goal is for people to live out their spanking fantasies the way they like and with privacy. I would rather participate in my fantasies than watch a video of them so I never got interested in having a commercial group. It’s rumored that I let anyone join SCONY but people know how I run things. There is a SCONY protocol which is nearly identical to other party groups. People who can’t operate within the rules or disagree with how I run things simply don’t come back. There’s no ill feeling because like everyone else, I am entitled to my limits. I see former guests all the time and we get along fine. Most people respect that Tom and I are not comfortable entertaining all the aspects spanking parties generate so we limit our focus to what we can handle, which is mostly just being nice to people. People in NY respect this but one group does not and it’s not clear why. They seem to be doing well and have built their own group so all should be good. At this time what is the point of pulling party consumers into the middle of an out dated drama that is not their problem. Spanking parties are too expensive to waste time on old news and hard feelings. I would like to believe that people in the scene know that negative behavior, gossip and cheap shots at other people’s choices do not help the overall health of the community. All of us are supposed to be having a good time and following the basic rules of respect in the scene. SCONY has a long history of providing a very friendly, safe landing for shy, new players. Sometimes, but not always, members move on to different play and other groups which Tom and I are completely comfortable with since we are aware of our own limits regarding what we want to entertain. All the spanking groups need to continue so as to give the old-fashioned, spanking community a fair representation in the fetish world. We have our own calling and need to continue working towards quality adult entertainment with respect to the individual talents each group has. Peace, safe play, tolerance, communication and good times if we see you at any upcoming parties. Sincerely, Margaret Davis