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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Weekend aftermath and fun at dunkin donuts

I really have to calm down from the SCONY weekend in the mountains before somebody follows me home.

I went into Dunkin Doughnuts and there were three people from India working behind the counter. This is a wonderful store with employees whose mastery of English varies from a lot to very little. In very broken English one young man asked me, “Can I help you?”

I said, “Yes, I’d like a large mocha coolata with a shot of whiskey.”

He frowned and started making my order. His two co-workers started giggling.

He looked up. “With a shot of what?” and I answered “Whiskey”.

I couldn’t keep this up so we laughed and told him I was kidding. He was just too cute and trying so hard.

Two construction workers entered the back of the store and the young lady asked if she could help him. He said, “I’d like a number 13.”

I said, “Number 13 comes with a stripper.” His eyes lit up and the three employees started laughing.

“Wow, I’d like that. I gotta come in here more often.”

A third construction man came in and his friend said, “Get number 13. It comes with a stripper.”

“No way.”

“That’s what she said.”

As I was leaving the construction guys were blocking the counter and I said, “Excuse me. Can I get a straw?”

They backed up and said, “Aw, no. You can’t have that.”

I told them that cutting back on straws was how they pay for the stripper.

I didn’t notice that in the background there was a LIPA guy watching all this. As I left he just kept looking around like he didn’t know where he was. I was on a roll and started to say something like, "The stripper's name is Maurice." but I don’t mess with anybody who can turn the power on in Long Island.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Doing what feels good.

OMG I love Father’s Day. It’s so nice when a day comes along where you’re alone with a partner for hours and hours and you’re pretty sure all the phones are off and no one will be coming to the front door. It’s his favorite kind of day so that’s what he gets. The details aren’t important but my point is that it’s so tempting to be convinced that we should show up for this and go see that. I have a habit of waiting for those long days in my neighborhood when everyone is off the block doing all the “I gotta’s and should’s” then I take advantage of the open windows, birds chirping and sunsets outside our windows. After a few minutes of, “don’t I belong somewhere?” the magic starts. This past Sunday, besides sleeping very late we went back to ‘nap’ but not before some delicate noise with a special belt. (Sigh….) For those of us who just don’t like playing erotically in public those long lazy days are wonderful. We play, we sleep, we laugh. Eventually we get to dinner and gifts but that’s so anti climatic.

We have a new hammock this summer. I pretty much thought that this big red thing in the middle of the back yard was a safe place to be innocent. What was I thinking? When it gets dark and the bug devices are working I’m amazed at all the ways you can be violated in the dark under your neighbor’s windows.

Anybody who has a serious Mon-Fri knows how fun it is to share a silly laugh over nothing with a partner. It’s like stealing candy under the grownups noses just to see if we’ll get caught. At our age if we get caught somebody might call the police but that’s part of the sport when you’re being naughty with your best friend.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Real tear-jerker session

Question on Fetlife:

A question for spankees
by hairbrushedhubby 3 days ago
Have any of you, when having some spanking fun, asked your spanker for a real tear-jerker session, and did they oblige?

My response:

I’ve given many discipline spankings and I love bringing people to tears but I find there are two types of bottoms when it comes to crying. There are people who cry easily and those that don’t. Some bottoms need to have a very real and personal moment to reach such an emotional response. That said, I found that tears are not so much about what implement you use or how hard to hit or for how long. What matters is the words you use and tone you take. I love bringing a bottom to tears in a scene without even touching them, which tells me I found the button in their head. Of course, I complete a thorough spanking but it’s delivered with, “This is going to hurt me more than you” going on in my head because I can see the person is already repentant about what they did.

Tearful spankings usually come to life better if they are delivered in a private setting without interruptions. Parties are not a tough place to try this. It works better to say, “Wait until I get you home” or ‘we will deal with this at another time” then take the matter up in private. Caution: If you put out a fearful warning about a later moment to come make sure you actually come through with the threat and deliver a spanking. Unfulfilled threats/fantasies are mean and useless.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Lenny Waller

Lenny Waller
by MsMargaretDavis about 1 month ago on Fetlife

In spring of 2011 NY lost an icon and I lost a friend. Lenny Waller used to manage Hellfire and, later, Fetish Warehouse. At Hellfire in 1997 he was the first and only person to give me an opportunity to experiment with ideas I had about spanking parties when there was no OTK community in NYC. At the time he led Leather Pride but he gently held his breath when I asked for a party that called for ‘no leather’. Lenny and I worked really well together even though his kink and mine were in opposite directions. He had no idea what I was doing but trusted my judgment and I put my faith in any suggestions he had. He wasn’t a taker but a giver. By example Lenny taught everybody a deeper meaning of tolerance, trust, communication and honesty. He was a visionary, a teddy bear, and a big man with tattoos; frightening to meet but a cuddle bunny to his friends. He worked tirelessly for Aids awareness and he would set up little memorials for people who passed away who would otherwise not be remembered. He took care of people who were really out of luck. He loved his friends and openly embarrassed people who would cheat or B.S. the community. He had his enemies but I was proud to be his friend. He celebrated his uniqueness with joy and encouraged others to do the same. He was one of a kind and so many people will miss him.

Lenny's Memorial

On May 14th Mr. Ryder and I went to the memorial service for Lenny Waller. It was held at Paddles in NYC and began with a video presentation followed by different friends of his who would step up to the microphone to share a story or thought about Lenny. I knew Lenny was a very special part of New York but there were people at the service who knew him from the 1960’s and 70‘s when the BDSM scene had its beginnings in New York through the gay community. By the ‘80’s and ‘90’s Lenny was well established and was one of the first in line to fight the fight against AIDS.
Way back Lenny was the only one who helped me create parties for spankos, who wanted things a little bit toned down and out of the dungeon. While his is own interests went way beyond anything I could handle, Lenny listened as best he could. His Harley was parked in Hellfire as a piece of equipment people used for play. He was a biker and with his long beard, tattoos, and leather outfits you wanted to run in fright. Even he knew he was a big teddy bear and I learned Saturday he had quite a collection of little stuffed bears. It took awhile for me to relax but together we made things come together. Before we incorporated his name for SCONY was East Coast Spankers.

Between ’96-’97, after Lenny had worked so hard for alternative life styles I shared my observations. I could see that there were three things still missing on the east coast. One, the community was loaded with men and not exactly all of them were appealing. Most of them needed a good shower and some serious grooming. Second, as a woman I knew there were females who like dominance and submission but unless things were cleaned up no ladies in big numbers would really come out. The men were not going to clean up anything and it was up to the women in NY at the time to get the job going. Third, on the east coast there was not a strong, active presents of an old-fashioned, OTK spanking community. Lenny listened and let me experiment with anything I wanted to do to make it work. I sat for hours either with him or his Hellfire staff trying to explain what our needs were. When I rented his dark, dungeon- like club I used lace curtains to cover chains, leather tables and leg spreaders. I lit pink candles and we bought flowers in vases to lighten things up. When the party started Lenny would ask people who were clad in leather to wait until 10:00 PM to re-enter the regular Hellfire setting. Spankos got it but some people just didn’t and never will.

My first no leather OTK only party in his club (Hellfire) was in April, 1997 and had 167 people in attendance by 6:00 PM during daylight savings time. (I used daylight as a friend so the frightened bridge and tunnel people could find the location.) Lenny thought I would fail but after the first event he helped NY spankos anyway he could. It was hard for him to watch people resist and struggle to get away. I explained that for some people that’s part of it so he stopped interrupting scenes and trusted me. Everything from people draping over a lap to the ordinary clothes we wore were unusual for him but once he saw us, time after time, he got into it. So here we are and the NY spanking party scene grew from there. Up to that time there were only a few parties and one sub-group of TES. Before that spring NY spanking was identified as a beginner activity rather than a community with its own identity different and separate from other communities.

I have so many memories of Lenny but one of my favorites is on the day one of my parties he wore a soft blue button down oxford shirt, a white sports jacket and beige pants. He said, “How do I look?” I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, I just embraced him with a big kiss.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Figuring out Blogger

List of things you can do when you can’t figure out Blogger:

Let the dogs out.
Call your lover.
Count your implements.
Read other blogs
Look at pictures of Erica Scott in her underwear.
Look up how Alicia spelled her last name.
Let the dogs out.
Watch the neighbors trip on the sidewalk.
Change your earrings.
Bother Arthur.
Read things you’ve written and never posted.
Clean out your C File.
Look for spanking pictures.
Kick the computer.
Call it dirty names.
Put clothes in the dryer.
Smooth out the bedspread again.
Feed the dogs.
Pet the cat.
Read what Lea is thinking.
Look for Rayne’s blog.
Search foxfire.
Wonder why they’re laughing.
Bother Arthur.
Call your lover.
Let the dogs out.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Greetings from Ms. Margaret

Welcome. In case you haven’t guessed I’m new at blogger.com but I’m willing to learn. My goal is to write helpful information about healthy spanking scenes or entertaining posts on related topics. I run the Spanking Club of New York (SCONY) and through this social group I try to offer a non commercial and very private setting to enjoy the OTK community. My parties are perfect for safely meeting up with someone you have been connecting with online. I cater to the needs of novices particularly females. In time, as people acquire experience if s/he wants to move towards a other activities and parties I totally support every person’s growth and right to enjoy the community any way they like. The goal with any adult entertainment is to have a good time while behaving as a safe, sane and honorable adult. Follow along if you like.

Margaret Davis

Don't laugh

I'm testing.