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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Father Rich is in so much trouble

What is happening? I’m pacing up and down my pretty suite like a crazy woman. How can I ever manage without all my needs fulfilled?

Rich actually told me, “No, Margaret, I am not painting your room back to pink.” (I really never asked but he volunteered a ‘no’ and I wasn’t prepared for that.)

Moving right along, later on when Rich was asking for any helpful comments about the resort he turned around abruptly and said, “No, Margaret, I am not putting a fireplace in the lobby.” I gave him the look.

“You can’t tell me no.”

“Well I just did”

Father Rich is now on my bad boy list.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Great Choices for Dance Class. I love my job.

(Ms. Margaret paces up and down in her office planning the April Weekend)

“Well I got some a nice sleep last night. I wonder if the dance quiz material I sent had the little rug rats up all night wondering how their life will suffer if they don’t know every dance move demonstrated in the movie clips I sent them. Maybe I could pick just one; no I’m not that easy. What if I asked for demos from a few; no, they would just take over my class with chaos. On the other hand, having a few carted off to the emergency room makes less work for me. Most of these students belong under a doctor’s care any way.”

“Do I dare ask for their opinions or for volunteers? Can I trust them?”

(Pondering over the dance material)

Quiz Material:

Throwback Dance moves!!! How many can you name?

Flash Dance


60-90’s Montage

Jane Fonda

Break dancing

Slam dancing/Slamming/Moshing/Pogoing/