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Friday, May 13, 2011

Figuring out Blogger

List of things you can do when you can’t figure out Blogger:

Let the dogs out.
Call your lover.
Count your implements.
Read other blogs
Look at pictures of Erica Scott in her underwear.
Look up how Alicia spelled her last name.
Let the dogs out.
Watch the neighbors trip on the sidewalk.
Change your earrings.
Bother Arthur.
Read things you’ve written and never posted.
Clean out your C File.
Look for spanking pictures.
Kick the computer.
Call it dirty names.
Put clothes in the dryer.
Smooth out the bedspread again.
Feed the dogs.
Pet the cat.
Read what Lea is thinking.
Look for Rayne’s blog.
Search foxfire.
Wonder why they’re laughing.
Bother Arthur.
Call your lover.
Let the dogs out.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere Ms. M! This week Blogger had some major kinks, pun not intended, but I swear it's usually pretty smooth sailing. Looking forward to reading more from you. XOXO

  2. Welcome Ms Margaret. I am now also following your blog. I am sure you will have some very good content for us. The blog will be a great way for the members to keep in touch.
    Big Hug,

  3. YAY! I finally figured out how to be a follower!
    Hugs! patty